January 2016

Chicken thighs in Römertopf

We had these big delicious chicken thighs in the freezer, that we hadn’t used yet.
Therefore I thougt i would try to make a delicious dish out of the chicken and what we had in the fridge. I made the chicken thighs in a Römertopf, with a lot of different vegetables. it was really good! And you don’t even have to do anything (almost) cut the vegetables, and the rest of the time the dish is looking out for itself in the oven … In the meantime you can do all your household that you are behind with 😉
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Almond crunch

New years eve we got delicious ice cream (sadly not home made – I didn’t have an ice cream machine at that time)
The ice cream was sprinkled with Almond crunch that I had made myself. It was delicious, and my nephew (5 years old) just loved it – and wanted more! He ate 3 portions 😉

→ BONUS: It it so easy to make 🙂
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