August 2016

I just became aunt!!! AGAIN!! <3

How amazing is this 🙂 My sister just gave birth to a georgious and healthy boy – He came a bit early though. It was only a month earlier than planned and the doctors had taken their precautions – so everything went well.

Though everything went well, she had to stay at the hospital for 3 weeks, as he wouldn’t eat well and therefore he had to have a probe 🙁

But he is okay

He was a little cutie, who weight about 2300 grams, and I was almost afraid to break him. But ofcause i couldn’t stop holding him

My other nephew who now is 5 years old (soon to be 6), has lived at a lot of familymembers in the past 3 weeks his mom was at the hospital with the baby.
The last week he went home with us (pretty lucky we actually had vacation that week) and  it was also great that my step son was on vaccation with his mom, so that my nephew could live in his room 🙂

We were having a really good time, and went on shopping, to the zoo and out feeding the ducks He loved being on vaccation with his aunt, but of caurse missed his mom and little brother

We also drove a lot to the hospital and visited mom and little brother