September 2016

vacation soon! *YES* + A bit about my last vacation – Gran Canaria

Yaay … I have been looking forward to this vacation for sooo long, and now there are only 3 weeks left, until departure 

far away from cold weather home, in Denmark and away to warm and nice weather on the canary islands. So great!
I am traveling with my boyfriend – only the two of us. We really need that time together.
As i have written before, I also have a stepson, but we really need couple-time (us-time) – it is not easy to  get in a relationship where he /she already has a child, that isn’t your own. (not to bring up negative stuff). But in that situation, you need more time together, focus on each other, and to regenerate than in a ordinary family.
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Fall is comming …….

Wow, the weather is really beginning to look grey, cold and boring. It is so cold, and it is already beginning to be dark in the morning, when we get up.
I feel that it is only a week ago since the sun blinded me in the eyes every morning, when I pulled away the curtains.
Everything just feels a bit more sad, when the weather is getting colder and darker. but! You have to be positive anyway – the fall is also very beautifull and cosy

I have strated to check out winter/fall jackets – Is that too early? 😀
I found this jacket from Cream. It is really cute, but unfortunately too big in the sizes. So I had to send it back to the store 🙁 Read More