January 2017

Recipe: Ice cream with forest berries

Some time ago I attended a parent arrangment at the school. Everyone should bring some food, and we got the dessert 🙂 I made this delicious ice cream, along with a delicious brownie with white chocolate & pecans. people loved it Read More

Recipe: Brownie with white chocolate & pecans

Some time ago i was attending a parent arrangement at the school, and we all had to bring food. Starter, main course or dessert. We got the dessert, and I decided to make this amazing brownie with white chocolate & pecans

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Recipe: Potato soup

Actually I haven’t made potato soup for several years .. i don’t know why .. Beacause I really like it ♥

The weather has been pretty cold recently, and then you are more tempted to make stews & soups, so a while ago I decided to try a potato soup 🙂

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