March 2017

Recipe: Banana pancakes

It is great to change your breakfast, to be a bit more delicious & healthy! And that is exactly what ia going to happen for me now… Lifestyle changes now!

Well.. It’s not because I want to lose weight or something like that, because that is not something that I need 🙂 I just want to live a healthier life and try to let go of all my unhealthy habbits and all the sweets I consume during the whole day and maybe replace them with some delicious and healthy snacks etc.. Story continues 😉

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Recipe: Delicious & healthy carrot juice

As you maybe know, I love great and healthy homemade food, and one of my favourites are homemade juice ♥

We do always make homemade juice in the weekends at our house ♥

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Recipe: Greenie in disguise

Well … I make smoothies every morning, in the weekends at our hos – and they love it ♥

I am really trying to make new versions of smoothies. I like variation, and at the same time, I really want to put as much vegetables & green stuff in the smoothies as possible, to make them more healthy.

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