June 2017

Recipe: Spaghetti Carbonara

I just love pasta dishes, and i just looove spaghetti carbonara 🙂 It tastes so good, and it takes no time to make.

Actually I have started to make some more pasta dishes at home, as it is really amazing to come home from work and be able to make a delicious meal that takes a second to make. Especially the days when Alexander are attending basket training and we are in a hurry.

Try this pasta dish too

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New name on the blog

Dear reader 🙂

Yes … I have changed the name on my blog, as you may have found out already 🙂
I have changed the name from Magdalinda.dk to Moniamagdalena.com.

I have changed the name on the blog, as I for a looong time have wanted to do this. I wanted the blog to have my real name, instead of some random name – now that it is a lifestyleblog. I also wanted the blog to be more personal, and I think it is a bit more personal, with my own name on it.

Besides the change of the blogname, I also have gotten a .com domain.
I got a .com domain, because I thought it would make more sense to me, to have a .com domain instead of a .dk domain now that I am also blogging in English 🙂

Well…. Don’t worry, that I will change the name of the blog once again – I won’t!!
Wow.. This was so hard and i have used so much time trying to change the domain.

To change the domain, and still keep all of my information, that my host have essembled, are not easy when your’re not a computernerd (No harm to the nerds 🙂 – actually I could have used some friendly computernerd help ;)) I should move my database to my new domain.

But i did it – I freaking did it! All by myself (and a bit english chatsupport from my webhost)
I am sooo proud of myself, that I actually did this haha 😀
In a minute there, aI really thought I would never make it. I was so frusturated, that I was ready to throw the computer through the window! 🙂

But-I-did-it! ♥♥

If I can do this – I can do everything..

Have an enjoyable day♥