August 2017

Recipe: Overnight chia-oats

Right now, I eat this every single morning in the week days 

I just love it.. It is very healthy, delicious & satiating. I also love that I can use a lot of topping on this – Topping just makes everything even more delicious! ♥ Below the recipe you can read what I am using as topping on my overnight oats 🙂

Besides topping, I also always eat it with fresh fruit, berries or  homemade compote.

This is just an amazing start on my mornings – and chia seeds are very healthy 🙂

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Beauty favourites #Youngblood mineral foundation

I am writing my series ‘Beauty favourites’. In these posts I am going to show you all of my beloved favourite beauty products.
I have a lot of products that I love and use everyday – also I do not like that over the top makeup look, I am more to the natural makeup look.

As I said, I use alot of the sam products every day – and I have had a lot of the same products for a lot of years. Why switch to something else, if you love the products you already have, and they are good for you and your skin?
I am looking around, and trying new products out, but when I find a beauty product that is perfect for me – I am sticking to it 🙂

Besides that I also want natural beauty products, without parfume, parabens, sulfate etc.
and I am trying not to buy products that are tested on animals. No animal should suffer, because I have to look good.

Well .. This post is about the powder/foundation that I am using.

I use a loose mineral fundation from Youngblood. I really like Youngblood  and their products, and I have only amazing experienses with them 

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Recipe: Tacos

We haven’t really made tacos before – But one day I just got a really big craving for it…
We made it, and it was so delicious and nice. It is just great comford food ♥

After we tried it, I was thinking that maybe my stepson, Alexander would like tacos. I was so exited to see if he liked it or not – I just kinda stared at him while he was eating it haha.
He is a bit picky, but it has been so much better, beacuse I make so much variated food, food made from the ground and are telling him to at least try tasting everything.

Well .. He liked … No he loved the tacos, and now he often ask if we can have tacos for dinner 😉


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Recipe: Plum cake

A week ago we was at home, and my stepson didn’t know what to do.

I sugested him to go down to the playground and pick some plums, on the big plum tree, and then I would bake a plum cake to him 😉

He ran down, and was away for a very long time.. One of his friends joined him.
When he came home, he gave me two very petite plums and with a big smile he said to me, that now I should bake the plum cake I had promised.

I said that i could bake it with just two small plums 🙂 So I gave him the plums for scholl the next day instead 😉

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