January 2018

Recipe: Delicious & healthy wok

I just love a delicious wok dish. It tastes so good, and it is so healthy.
There is nothing better than getting home from the gym, and then just throw lots of delicious vegetables in your head 😉 

I always add fresh pineapples to my wok dish. It just give it a balance, so that it tastes perfect.

Do not use canned pineapple – It does not taste good, and will not give the same balance. My opinion is, that if you can get fresh vegetables, then use fresh vegetables. Read More

#Dressupfriday, 26.01.2018

Every friday, at my workplace, we (some of us) are having something we call: dress up friday.

Well, you know.. It’s friday and the weekend is getting close – so we are doing something extra about our appearence. If we don’t do it on fridays, well .. when should we else use our nice clothing? 😀

The women use to wear dresses or skirts & high heels, and the men are wearing nice blazers. It is just so fun to do – and we have more & more people attendning our great friday tradition

One day, when I was thinking of our workplace friday tradition, I came on the idea to do dress up friday on the blog too – so funny! 🙂

A little invitation from me to you – Dress up every friday, like you should go out!
I promise. You will feel so good about yourself, when you got to work, and look amazing.
Welcome the weekend, all dressed up 😉
All your beautiful clothes, are hanging crying in your closet, because they are never worn *Oh .. poor poor clothes*. Read More

New in #In love with my new lamp

I really really have to show you my new lamp 

I have gotten myself a brand new dinner table lamp.
For a long time, I have wanted a new lamp above my dinner table 🙂
Earlier we had this really old & not fancy lamp (My boyfriends have had it hanging forever!), so I really needed a change.

After looking on different lamp, I decided that my new lamp should be a long, low hanging lamp, that aligns with the table … and … Also having a comfortable lightning for dining

My new beautiful Leovan lamp from Lights.co.uk grants all of my demands + more.
The lamp does not blind & has a really comfortabale lightning, that also is really grea & relaxing for the eyes when it is getting dark in the room
Also great light for taking pictures to the blog – Yay!
The lamp is not making that irritating yellow lightning in the room & on camera – But are more daylight – like

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Recipe: Bacon cheese burger, with fries

Are there anything better than a big delicious burger? almost .. not! 😉
At our house, we don’t go to Mc.Donalds .. What you are served there, has nothing to do with real food, and their burgers are just not real burgers (yeah .. I am so sorry to reveal that for you 😉 )

Instead of buying crap, you should make your own delicious fastfood at home, for yourself and/or your family.
It is so much more delicous, healthier & satiating. Read More