Lunch box for kids #1

Lunch boxes …. The most boring thing, to use your evening on – It just have to be over with …. for some.

I really thínk it is cozy and inspiring to make lunch boxes for the kids. Finding delicious food and different new tastes for the little ones, so they can grow up, and not be so picky 🙂

I always make the lunch box in the evening – When Alexanderhass gone to bed, so I don’t have to be all stressed out in the morning – who aren’t stressed in the morning, already?

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LEGO World 2017 – Bella Center Copenhagen

There have just been a LEGO exhibition in Copenhagen the last days. Thursday the 16 – Sunday the 19 February.

Of cause we should try to go there, and my stepson Alexander just loves LEGO. We joined up with my sister, her boyfriend and their kids 🙂 Its just a little bit more fun for them to have someone else to play and run around with 🙂 Read More