A Beauty Guide: Sparkle & Shine This Christmas Time

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Christmas is just a few days away, and buying gifts is probably not the only thing on your mind. This is also the period when you will probably be invited to tons of parties and host a few of your own. Besides decorating the house and choosing the food and the presents, you need to think about how you will look. The summer has been harsh on your skin and hair, and winter is also unforgiving. I like to use this time before the holiday fuss to pamper myself and take care of my appearance so that I can truly sparkle and shine. So, if you are thinking the same, here is my beauty guide for Christmas time. Read More

Beauty favourites #Youngblood mineral foundation

I am writing my series ‘Beauty favourites’. In these posts I am going to show you all of my beloved favourite beauty products.
I have a lot of products that I love and use everyday – also I do not like that over the top makeup look, I am more to the natural makeup look.

As I said, I use alot of the sam products every day – and I have had a lot of the same products for a lot of years. Why switch to something else, if you love the products you already have, and they are good for you and your skin?
I am looking around, and trying new products out, but when I find a beauty product that is perfect for me – I am sticking to it 🙂

Besides that I also want natural beauty products, without parfume, parabens, sulfate etc.
and I am trying not to buy products that are tested on animals. No animal should suffer, because I have to look good.

Well .. This post is about the powder/foundation that I am using.

I use a loose mineral fundation from Youngblood. I really like Youngblood  and their products, and I have only amazing experienses with them 

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