Recipe: Christmassy red cabbage

I just love red cabbage for my roasted pork & duck ūüôā
It is sooo delicious & great for that fat christmas food.

I don’t want that premade supermarkets red cabbage on glass, and the homemade version is just 10 times better.
Yum! I have added a delicious apple, to get some sourness to it ūüôā Read More

Recipe: Butternut squash puré

Have you ever tasted butternut squash?

it is sooo delicious – It tastes like pumpkin.. Which it also is .. (It is a mix between a squash & a pumpkin)

A butternut squash tastes very sweet, just like a hokkaido pumpkin ♥

Some days ago, I made a puré of my butternut squash, and it was delicious.
You can use the puré for a lot of things:
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Recipe: Tacos

We haven’t really made tacos before – But one day I just got a really big craving for it…
We made it, and it was so delicious and nice. It is just great comford food ♥

After we tried it, I was thinking that maybe my stepson, Alexander would like tacos. I was so exited to see if he liked it or not – I just kinda stared at him while he was eating it haha.
He is a bit picky, but it has been so much better, beacuse I make so much variated food, food made from the ground and are telling him to at least try tasting everything.

Well .. He liked … No he loved the tacos, and now he often ask if we can have tacos for dinner ūüėČ


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Recipe: Honey glazed carrots

Delicious garniture for your dinner ‚ô• ‚ô•

These carrots are super delicious & crispy – with a nice taste of rosemary ūüôā

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Recipe: Bean fries

Right now, I am in a period where I make healthy food, and healthier food alternatives. Long long time ago (when I was in a very healthy state of mind) I always made bean fries for dinner or as a snack. It just tastes so good.

– Healthy fries – Could you imagine anythig better? ‚ô•
When you fry them in the oven, they get so crispy & delicious. Eat them as they are or as garniture. Dip the bean fries in aioli or chilimayo.

Det best about this delicious & healthy snack is that it is so fast & easy to make – yay! ūüôā Read More