Recipe: Pizza with chicken & basil

I looove homemade pizza – With homemade pizza dough, and not that pre-made-supermarket-stuff .. you know 🙂 🙂

At our house we have homemade pizza, every other friday – and my stepson loves it 
He think it is absolutely amazing… We call it  pizza-friday 🙂

So the few fridays, where i choose to make something else – of different reasons – he just looks weird at me, and asks: “isn’t it friday?” 

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Recipe: Italian pizza with Serano & Ruccola

I just love pizza … Or more correctly …. I just looove Italian pizza. Italian pizzas are just the best pizzas
If I am out buying fasfood, I only buy Italian pizza. I do that, because I think it’s more delicious, not as fatty as an ordinary pizza, and they are always using good and fresh products 

It can be very expensivem if you sometimes buy one or two pizzas in a month, and thats why I tried to make my own Italian pizza, with my favourite stuffing on top.

It is so delicious. I don’t have a pizzastone, but this pizza has a really crispy bottom anyway! The secret is to making the bottom very thin 🙂 Read More