Recipe: Jewish cookies

Here you get a recipe, for some of my favourite christmas cookies.
In Denmark we have these ‘Jewish cookies’ for christmas 

They should have a great crust on the outside, but be soft in the inner core  Yummie ♥ Read More

Recipe: Swedish ginger bread

Normally I don’t really like crunchy cookies, but some I really like.

Among the ones I like, there is these – Swedish ginger bread!
Yeah well … Maybe it sounds weird, that I love Swedish ginger bread, and not Danish or others …

I really think there is a huge difference. Swedish ginger bread are just much more spicy .. Christmassy-spicy! 

I am part Swedish & part danish, and therefore there will always be some Danish/Swedish thing, that I like more than the other.

These ginger breads are really delicious. Just remember to roll out the dough really thin – Much thinger than you would think, as they raise  in the oven , and become to thick. Read More

Recipe: Plum cake

A week ago we was at home, and my stepson didn’t know what to do.

I sugested him to go down to the playground and pick some plums, on the big plum tree, and then I would bake a plum cake to him 😉

He ran down, and was away for a very long time.. One of his friends joined him.
When he came home, he gave me two very petite plums and with a big smile he said to me, that now I should bake the plum cake I had promised.

I said that i could bake it with just two small plums 🙂 So I gave him the plums for scholl the next day instead 😉

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