Recipe: Panini with ham & spinach

We have gone panini craaazy at our house these days … The most recent panini I have made, is this with Italian ham & spinach. It is delicious, simple & easy to make ♥

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Recipe: Clubsandwich panini

Some days ago, I posted a recipe on a curry dressing. I came up with this dressing, when I experimented on making a new kind of panini – Clubsandwich panini ♥

I have made a lot of panini, and was tired of my ordinary panini with chicken, tomato & avocado . Don’t get me wrong – It is super delicious.
You just get a bit tired of having the same and the same everytime 🙂 Therefore I got the thought of making a clubsandwich panini with curry dressing 🙂

It was amazing ♥ You gotta try it..

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