Recipe: Overnight chia-oats

Right now, I eat this every single morning in the week days 

I just love it.. It is very healthy, delicious & satiating. I also love that I can use a lot of topping on this – Topping just makes everything even more delicious! ♥ Below the recipe you can read what I am using as topping on my overnight oats 🙂

Besides topping, I also always eat it with fresh fruit, berries or  homemade compote.

This is just an amazing start on my mornings – and chia seeds are very healthy 🙂

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Recipe: Smoothie bowl, with mango

Well .. Right now, I have my healthy period, where I try to focus on eating healthy & and I am going to work out again too (I am really really become weak – so embarrassing! before I was in really good shape)

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Recipe: Banana pancakes

It is great to change your breakfast, to be a bit more delicious & healthy! And that is exactly what ia going to happen for me now… Lifestyle changes now!

Well.. It’s not because I want to lose weight or something like that, because that is not something that I need 🙂 I just want to live a healthier life and try to let go of all my unhealthy habbits and all the sweets I consume during the whole day and maybe replace them with some delicious and healthy snacks etc.. Story continues 😉

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