Recipe: Butternut squash puré

Have you ever tasted butternut squash?

it is sooo delicious – It tastes like pumpkin.. Which it also is .. (It is a mix between a squash & a pumpkin)

A butternut squash tastes very sweet, just like a hokkaido pumpkin 

Some days ago, I made a puré of my butternut squash, and it was delicious.
You can use the puré for a lot of things:
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Recipe: Creamed spinach

I just love a delicious & creamy spinach.. It is so good, and fits well with pork.

I sometimes make it at home, and when I do – I love it, when it is cooked in, to a creamy sauce.

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Recipe: Sweet potato fries with mashed avocado

I just love sweet potatoes, and I eat them as often as i can. They are so delicious, and you can create a lot of delicious courses with sweet potatoes..

I often make the sweet potatoes as friesin the oven, and eat them with mashed avocados Yummy
They has this delicious sweet taste.

Sweet potatoes are very healthy – so just eat loads of them 😉 They are filled with fibers, beta-carotenes & A + C vitamins.

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Recipe: Homemade aioli

Make a delicious aioli or chili mayo, that can be used as dipping for bean fries or fries, and spread for sandwiches and burgers

In Spain, they use it as dipping for bread as a appetizer.. I always order it, when I am on vaccation on Gran Canaria 😉 love it

Homemade aioli are so delicious, and it is super easy to make

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Opskrift: Chili mayo

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