Recipe: Date balls with licorice & almonds

Once upon a time ( 😉 ) … I lived a very healthy life (Well, I live a healthy life now too! But earlier I lived very healthy)
At that time, I always made date balls for my sweet tooth.

It is a really looong time since I have made date balls, but I have thought of making them for a long time 🙂
Some days ago, I really had an urge for experimenting with making different sorts of date balls. So after work I rushed out to buy the things I needed for the date balls, and started mixing ingredients to make different sorts. Read More

Recipe: Bean fries

Right now, I am in a period where I make healthy food, and healthier food alternatives. Long long time ago (when I was in a very healthy state of mind) I always made bean fries for dinner or as a snack. It just tastes so good.

– Healthy fries – Could you imagine anythig better?
When you fry them in the oven, they get so crispy & delicious. Eat them as they are or as garniture. Dip the bean fries in aioli or chilimayo.

Det best about this delicious & healthy snack is that it is so fast & easy to make – yay! 🙂 Read More

Recipe: Banana pancakes

It is great to change your breakfast, to be a bit more delicious & healthy! And that is exactly what ia going to happen for me now… Lifestyle changes now!

Well.. It’s not because I want to lose weight or something like that, because that is not something that I need 🙂 I just want to live a healthier life and try to let go of all my unhealthy habbits and all the sweets I consume during the whole day and maybe replace them with some delicious and healthy snacks etc.. Story continues 😉

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