New in #In love with my new lamp

I really really have to show you my new lamp 

I have gotten myself a brand new dinner table lamp.
For a long time, I have wanted a new lamp above my dinner table 🙂
Earlier we had this really old & not fancy lamp (My boyfriends have had it hanging forever!), so I really needed a change.

After looking on different lamp, I decided that my new lamp should be a long, low hanging lamp, that aligns with the table … and … Also having a comfortable lightning for dining

My new beautiful Leovan lamp from Lights grants all of my demands + more.
The lamp does not blind & has a really comfortabale lightning, that also is really grea & relaxing for the eyes when it is getting dark in the room
Also great light for taking pictures to the blog – Yay!
The lamp is not making that irritating yellow lightning in the room & on camera – But are more daylight – like

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New in #Rocking chair

For a realy long time, I have been wanting to buy a rocking chair for myself. The older I have got – the more cute and great I think a rocking chair is 🙂 Why is that? I just love them.

Well .. I have been searching and searching for a perfect rocking chair, and I wanted one who didn’t cost a billion, as I am not a billionare 😉 Then .. about 2 weeks ago, I found it. The one 😉

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