Recipe: Smoothie bowl, with mango

Well .. Right now, I have my healthy period, where I try to focus on eating healthy & and I am going to work out again too (I am really really become weak – so embarrassing! before I was in really good shape)

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Recipe: Greenie in disguise

Well … I make smoothies every morning, in the weekends at our hos – and they love it ♥

I am really trying to make new versions of smoothies. I like variation, and at the same time, I really want to put as much vegetables & green stuff in the smoothies as possible, to make them more healthy.

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Recipe: Smoothie with kale

Delicious smoothies … I just can’t get enough!

At home we make smoothie every single weekend in the mornings, and it is the biggest! My stepson loves it – even the greenie 😉 He also really love to help out making them, and helping out in the kitchen in general.

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