Recipe: Potato soup

Actually I haven’t made potato soup for several years .. i don’t know why .. Beacause I really like it ♥

The weather has been pretty cold recently, and then you are more tempted to make stews & soups, so a while ago I decided to try a potato soup 🙂

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Recipe: Tomato soup

I love soup – Homemade soup! not that processed supermaket stuff 😉
My stepson also loves all the soups I have made so far…  My man still needs to be convinced though. His opinion is that soup isn’t a main course and it isn’t satiating .. omg!

This tomat soup are really healthy, delicious & easy to make 

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Recipe: Tom Kha Gai – Thaisoup with chicken & coconut milk

I really love asian food – It is amazing
It really tastes of something, and are just so delicious 🙂

I just love food like: lime, garlic, chili, ginger & cilantro, and there’s a lot of that in asian food courses 🙂
One of my favourites are Tom Kha Gai… It is a thai soup with chicken, vegetables & coconut milk.

I could eat this soup for dinner everyday… The challenge is  just to convince my boyfriend that soup are satiating and can be served as a main course 😉 Read More