January is finally here

A new year has begun – and we have to make sure that it becomes a great year.
Have you made any new years resolutions?

I haven’t. I have been thinking about it, but it is always the same changes you want, right?
I don’t think that the changes are easier to make, just because you decide to do it in a new years resolution.

What are your thoughts about that?

I have so many things I wanna do – But sometimes it is hard to find time for it, when you have a family.

  • I wanna be better to find time for my amazing girlfriends
  • I wanna get new girlfriends – Who lives close by (haha)
  • Start working out again
  • Cut the damn candy – I am really afraid to get diabetes. For real! With that amount of sugar I sometimes put in my mouth. My meals are pretty healthy, and I think that healthy, varied and good food are very important. But … Unfortunately I have a very sweet tooth, and I am snacking a little to much candy during the day :/

Yeah well .. I can use a couple of hours thinking about how I get all of that in order. But … I really think that all of the tings are a part of each other.
I have no energy, så I don’t wanna do a things. I have no energy beceause I don’t work out & eat so much sugar (An evil spiral – argh!)

If I don’t work out, then I don’t have any energy, and then I don’t wanna go visit people & wake up early in the morning 🙂

Does it make any sense? Or am I just doing crazy talk? 😉

Do you guys have a lot of great things planned, for the first month of the year? 

My plans for january:

  • I have a coffee-date with a good friend, that I haven’t seen for about 1 year
  • Walks in the woods with Alexander
    He just got a coolpix camera for christmas from my mom. Now we both have cameras, to go and take pictures in the woods – My boyfriens (Peter) hates it! haha
    I have researched  and found some different woods I wanna go and explore – So that it isn’t always the same forrest we go to 😉
  • My friend turns 30 years old – So that I have planned Finally, more friends that turn 30 😉 
  • Kids birthday party preparation
    I have thought of a superhero theme! Do someone have some great ideas entertaining the kids?
  • Working out
    I have finaly started my work out (Let’s see how long it lasts 😉 ) I don’t wanna be to optimistic … Because I have a hard time, finding the time & energy for it. But I know, that if I really wanna do this, I can – Also even if it is hard to find time because og having a kid, maing dinner, work etc. 🙂
    My start-up will be nice & easy. Only 1 day a week, I am only using the crosstrainer in the beginning, and then I will put more on later. I know with myself, that if I put too many demands on my selv – I will stop working out pretty fast! 🙂
    Earlier I was always working out … Now I haven’t worked out for about 3 years – Wow!
  • Make some more delicious dishes, that I can share with you here on the blog
  • I really hope that I can plan an aunt & nephew day, with my sweet nephew – Benjamin –
    It was so great the last time we did it 🙂 Kronborg castle in Elsinore (Denmark) & hot cocoa 
  • And … Then I also hope that I can lure my brother to come here, and see the newest season of ‘The walking dead’. That’s just something we do together 😀

I wish you all a great month – Next week should be very cold and frozen here in Denmark! OMG 

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