I really really have to show you my new lamp 

I have gotten myself a brand new dinner table lamp.
For a long time, I have wanted a new lamp above my dinner table 🙂
Earlier we had this really old & not fancy lamp (My boyfriends have had it hanging forever!), so I really needed a change.

After looking on different lamp, I decided that my new lamp should be a long, low hanging lamp, that aligns with the table … and … Also having a comfortable lightning for dining

My new beautiful Leovan lamp from Lights.co.uk grants all of my demands + more.
The lamp does not blind & has a really comfortabale lightning, that also is really grea & relaxing for the eyes when it is getting dark in the room
Also great light for taking pictures to the blog – Yay!
The lamp is not making that irritating yellow lightning in the room & on camera – But are more daylight – like

The hight on the lamp can be adjusted, acc. how high or low above the table you want the lamp – That’s really great.
It is really easy to adjust the hight on the lamp. Just push down the button on the wire, and then move the lamp up or down as you want it. You don’t need any tools for it- so simple😀
The lamp is energy labeled with A+. This is one of the best energy classes. (Products that are marked with A – A+++ are the most energy efficient.

LED duarbility

The LED lights kan not be replaced, But the lamp lasts pretty much forever.
My boyfriend tried to explain me that 😉 He has an education as electrician & electrical engineer, so he should now, what he talks about (Well .. Let’s hope so 😉 haha )

– If the lamp are used aprox. 2 hours pr. day, it should last for 41 years – And that’s quite a time 😉
Vi only have the lamp on, in the evenings – at dinner time, and only in the dark months of the year.
In the summer time we barely use lamps. So I guess the lamp would last for more than 41 years. But …. Who has a lamp for 41 years or more? 😀

It just hanging there above the dining table – and I am enjoying the beautiful sight of it 

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