Recipe: Overnight chia-oats

Right now, I eat this every single morning in the week days 

I just love it.. It is very healthy, delicious & satiating. I also love that I can use a lot of topping on this – Topping just makes everything even more delicious! ♥ Below the recipe you can read what I am using as topping on my overnight oats 🙂

Besides topping, I also always eat it with fresh fruit, berries or  homemade compote.

This is just an amazing start on my mornings – and chia seeds are very healthy 🙂

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Recipe: Smoothie with kale

Delicious smoothies … I just can’t get enough!

At home we make smoothie every single weekend in the mornings, and it is the biggest! My stepson loves it – even the greenie 😉 He also really love to help out making them, and helping out in the kitchen in general.

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