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Recipe: Chocolate chip & fudge cookies

I loooove cookies ♥♥

Yeah, well … all of us at home, loves cookies.
Alexander my stepson just want cookies aaaaall the time – he has always room for a fotball or playground cookie, a cartoon-time cookie or a dessert cookie. Actually he also wants cookies for breakfast – but he’s not getting it!

Maybe i should try to make some healthy breakfast cookies … hm … See there’s an idea 😀
yeah, well .. We have gone cookie crazy at our house, so i am experimenting and making all kinds of cookies 🙂

This chocolate chip & fudge cookies are the latest I have made ♥ They are sooo good ♥ Read More

Recipe: Cookies with caramel chocolate

I really love cookies – probably one of my favourite “cakes” ever ♥♥
The great thing about cookies, is that you can make them in all sorts of variations, and also .. they just taste just lovely!

I want my cookies to be a bit crunshy on the outside and delicious and chewy in the middle. Cookies are aloud to be a bit soft, they don’t have to be crunchy to be delicious.

Well .. sometime ago, I recieved  a lot of very delicious Belgian chocolate from Planete Chocolat.
Their chocolate is really delicious, so I decided to make some cookies with some of this delicious chokolate. I used the one with Dark chocolate & caramel.

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Recipe: Spaghetti Carbonara

I just love pasta dishes, and i just looove spaghetti carbonara 🙂 It tastes so good, and it takes no time to make.

Actually I have started to make some more pasta dishes at home, as it is really amazing to come home from work and be able to make a delicious meal that takes a second to make. Especially the days when Alexander are attending basket training and we are in a hurry.

Try this pasta dish too

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