Recipe: Bacon cheese burger, with fries

Are there anything better than a big delicious burger? almost .. not! 😉
At our house, we don’t go to Mc.Donalds .. What you are served there, has nothing to do with real food, and their burgers are just not real burgers (yeah .. I am so sorry to reveal that for you 😉 )

Instead of buying crap, you should make your own delicious fastfood at home, for yourself and/or your family.
It is so much more delicous, healthier & satiating. Read More

Recipe: Peppermint buttons

I love peppermint – Everything with peppermint! (After Eight, Fazermint etc.), and I just love peppermint buttons ♄

The first time I had these peppermint buttons, was when I was little and went to school. I tasted them at some arrangement at school – My teacher made them. Read More

Recipe: Nougar dreams – Christmassy nougat bites

I just love confections at christmas – and I love both marzipan & nougat!
Normaly I make a lot of marzipan/nougat confection at christmas, and this year I tried to spice the nougat up, and make nougat confetions 🙂

I made this delicious christmassy nougat with great spices & orange peel. They are really good ♄

Also try my delicious almond nougat.

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Recipe: Butternut squash puré

Have you ever tasted butternut squash?

it is sooo delicious – It tastes like pumpkin.. Which it also is .. (It is a mix between a squash & a pumpkin)

A butternut squash tastes very sweet, just like a hokkaido pumpkin ♄

Some days ago, I made a puré of my butternut squash, and it was delicious.
You can use the puré for a lot of things:
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Recipe: Elderberry juice

Some time ago, all of us were out shopping – groceries & birthday present.

On the way back to the parking lot, we saw a big tre, filled with delicious elderberries ♄
The tree was standing in a garden, but, but some of the branches was hanging out of the fence 🙂

When Alexander saw that, he asked me if we could pick some, and maybe make some elderberry juice…
Ehmm .. well .. Why not?! Actually I had never tried to make elderberry juice before, but I will not decline a food challenge 😉

Especially not, when my stepson Alexander are interrested in us, makin new and delicious food – So! Of cause, we should make elderberry juice 🙂 Read More