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New in #Striped knit with red edges

Well.. some weeks ago I took a 1-week trip to Munich – and it was amazing. We had a lot of sight seeing trips, and enjoyed the amazing weather. Off cause I also got to shop some 😉
I will not miss out on anything that has with shopping to di 😉 hehe..

Sadly I didn’t find some nice things in the stores, we don’t have at home (that would be the best), but I fund this realy great knit from Zara

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Test: Scrub Love – Body Scrub

I received this d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s body scrub in my Lookfantastic beautybox for May month ?

This box contained a lot of good stuff – including this amazing body scrub from Scrub Love.
I have fallen in love with this body scrub, and it contains a lot of vitamin E – and coconut oil – which i love! Coconutoil are a wonder oil, and can be used for all sorts of things❤ Read More

Test: GLOV *Hydro Demaquillage* – Microfiber Makeup Remover

Well .. I have recived this natural makeup remover in this months LookFantastic beauty box.
I really love this product. It is a makeup remover from GLOV – Hydro Demaquillage –

I love natural products, so this was just so perfect for me.

It is a little microfiber finger-thing (You can also buy it in all sorts of different gloves). You put it on your finger, and wet it (I use warm water). After that you just rinse your whole face with it little by little to remove all of your makeup..

It works fantastic for me!! (I don’t know how it works with waterproof mascara – as I don’t use that 🙂 )

When all of your makeup has been removed – you make the microfiber finger-thing wet, add some soap and wash it all clen. Then put it in a place where it can air dry

– After the package has been opened, it can be stored for about 3 months.

This makeup remover has been so good for my skin that has tendency to eczema, and therefore get very dry skin – Especially under my eyes.
Normally I don’t get all of my makeup off under the eyes as it is very difficult because of the dryness & folds – but with this I do. Because I can focus on the different areas, and press a bit more (under the eyes) as it is my finger I use and only water, so I don’t risk to get chemicals in my eyes.

Thumps up to this! I will use this from now on, and when this expires – I will buy a new one. maybe a glove instead or maybe both 🙂

Lunch box for kids #2

Lunch boxes …. The most boring thing, to use your evening on – It just have to be over with …. for some.

I really thínk it is cozy and inspiring to make lunch boxes for the kids. Finding delicious food and different new tastes for the little ones, so they can grow up, and not be so picky 🙂

I always make the lunch box in the evening – When Alexanderhass gone to bed, so I don’t have to be all stressed out in the morning – who aren’t stressed in the morning, already?

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30 years old .. wow!

Yea, well … I happened!

In short time, I am 30 yers old… 30 years old??
I really don’t understand it, myself.

Where did the time go? It’s funny how fast time flies, when you are all grown up – One day takes the other, and you don’t even have time to watch your own life take place. A bit scary!

I think, I have to be better (we all should be actually) at focusing & cherrish all the good & happy times we have (even thesmall ones), because in a stressed everyday life, where you have so many things to do all day long, you forget to tho cherrish these little moments.

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Recipe: Delicious Sandwich buns

Well, I have started to make my own lunch and bring it to work, instead of eating in the canteen at work, as I want to eat healthier food. More greens & less meat! 🙂

I made these buns for my lunchbox, and they are really delicious ♥ They have a chewy crust, but are soft & juicy on the inside..

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