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Recipe: Date balls with licorice & almonds

Once upon a time ( 😉 ) … I lived a very healthy life (Well, I live a healthy life now too! But earlier I lived very healthy)
At that time, I always made date balls for my sweet tooth.

It is a really looong time since I have made date balls, but I have thought of making them for a long time 🙂
Some days ago, I really had an urge for experimenting with making different sorts of date balls. So after work I rushed out to buy the things I needed for the date balls, and started mixing ingredients to make different sorts. Read More

New in #Take a look at my brand new bag

I have been looking for this bag for a long time … For a really really long time!

I have bought the bag at ASOS, and it has been laying around in my favourites in ASOS for a really long time now… The bag was just waiting for me to be in a big shopping mood 😉

I really love ASOS ... and when I am bored, i always go to their website, to see what’s new!
My boyfriend always complain over me, if I am looking too long on some website or if we’re in a store and I take a whole bunch of clothes with me into the dressing room.. Then he thinks that I am going to buy all of it!!
NO NO NO .. He has got it alllll wrong – and I have tried to explain it to him 😉

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Recipe: Butternut squash puré

Have you ever tasted butternut squash?

it is sooo delicious – It tastes like pumpkin.. Which it also is .. (It is a mix between a squash & a pumpkin)

A butternut squash tastes very sweet, just like a hokkaido pumpkin ♄

Some days ago, I made a puré of my butternut squash, and it was delicious.
You can use the puré for a lot of things:
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