Recipe: Soft raspberry buns

In denmark, it was ‘fastelavn’ last weekend …
And, what is fastelavn?
Fastelavn is like ‘ Halloween’ (and yes, we are having halloween too in october). We are just dressed funny & cute instead of creepy. The children are going door to door – singing and getting candy (Again.. Just like halloween) & then we hang up an barrel, that we hit on with a bat (Just like a pinata).

There are candy in the barrel, that falls out, when the barrel breaks. And the one that knocks out the bottom of the barrel, get to call himself a cat-king. he or she gets a golden paper crown! (Yeah, I know it sounds weird).
People say, that in the ols days, there was a real cat inside the barrel (instead of candy!) How horrible is that? I don’t know if it is true – I really don’t hope so.

Well .. Enough with the history lessons 😉
At fastelavn, we eat these buns!
So now you can make your own danish ‘fastelavns’ buns 😉

I filled the buns with both remonce and raspberry jam.

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Recipe: Delicious & healthy wok

I just love a delicious wok dish. It tastes so good, and it is so healthy.
There is nothing better than getting home from the gym, and then just throw lots of delicious vegetables in your head 😉 

I always add fresh pineapples to my wok dish. It just give it a balance, so that it tastes perfect.

Do not use canned pineapple – It does not taste good, and will not give the same balance. My opinion is, that if you can get fresh vegetables, then use fresh vegetables. Read More