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Recipe: Monias lasagne

I sometimes make lasagne at home.

I don’t make this so often, because I want Alexander to be a child who gets a healthy & varied diet, and learns not to be picky 🙂
Thats why I am an opponent of letting him live of the typical “child food”, parents give their kids every day – spaghetti bolognese & lasagne.

Now, he likes most food, and eats almost everything i make .. And he has learned to taste on things, before proclaiming that he don’t like it.
So now, I have started to make lasagne sometimes. The good thing about lasagne is, that there are almost always some leftovers, for the next day – in case we have a really busy day 😉

Well .. Of course my lasagne are filled with vegetables, so it becomes healthier.
If you have kids, who don’t want to eat green & healthy stuff, they will never find out that there are any of it in this lasagne ♥

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Recipe: Chocolate chip & fudge cookies

I loooove cookies ♥♥

Yeah, well … all of us at home, loves cookies.
Alexander my stepson just want cookies aaaaall the time – he has always room for a fotball or playground cookie, a cartoon-time cookie or a dessert cookie. Actually he also wants cookies for breakfast – but he’s not getting it!

Maybe i should try to make some healthy breakfast cookies … hm … See there’s an idea 😀
yeah, well .. We have gone cookie crazy at our house, so i am experimenting and making all kinds of cookies 🙂

This chocolate chip & fudge cookies are the latest I have made ♥ They are sooo good ♥ Read More