Plans for january – 2018

January is finally here

A new year has begun – and we have to make sure that it becomes a great year.
Have you made any new years resolutions?

I haven’t. I have been thinking about it, but it is always the same changes you want, right?
I don’t think that the changes are easier to make, just because you decide to do it in a new years resolution.

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My plans for this month #May

It is great to have an overview over the plans & activities I have going on each month. I often forget my plans, as i din’t write them down… I am not good at writing my plans in my phone calendar and using it – so i maybe need to take my physical Mulberry planner in use again soon, I haven’t used it for a while, and I almost forgot that I had it….

Well …. My may month is filled with great plans, that I am looking forward to ♥

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