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Recipe: Cookies with caramel chocolate

I really love cookies – probably one of my favourite “cakes” ever ♥♥
The great thing about cookies, is that you can make them in all sorts of variations, and also .. they just taste just lovely!

I want my cookies to be a bit crunshy on the outside and delicious and chewy in the middle. Cookies are aloud to be a bit soft, they don’t have to be crunchy to be delicious.

Well .. sometime ago, I recieved  a lot of very delicious Belgian chocolate from Planete Chocolat.
Their chocolate is really delicious, so I decided to make some cookies with some of this delicious chokolate. I used the one with Dark chocolate & caramel.

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Recipe: Spaghetti Carbonara

I just love pasta dishes, and i just looove spaghetti carbonara 🙂 It tastes so good, and it takes no time to make.

Actually I have started to make some more pasta dishes at home, as it is really amazing to come home from work and be able to make a delicious meal that takes a second to make. Especially the days when Alexander are attending basket training and we are in a hurry.

Try this pasta dish too

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Lunch box for kids #2

Lunch boxes …. The most boring thing, to use your evening on – It just have to be over with …. for some.

I really thínk it is cozy and inspiring to make lunch boxes for the kids. Finding delicious food and different new tastes for the little ones, so they can grow up, and not be so picky 🙂

I always make the lunch box in the evening – When Alexanderhass gone to bed, so I don’t have to be all stressed out in the morning – who aren’t stressed in the morning, already?

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Recipe: Delicious Sandwich buns

Well, I have started to make my own lunch and bring it to work, instead of eating in the canteen at work, as I want to eat healthier food. More greens & less meat! 🙂

I made these buns for my lunchbox, and they are really delicious ♥ They have a chewy crust, but are soft & juicy on the inside..

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Recipe: Smoothie bowl, with mango

Well .. Right now, I have my healthy period, where I try to focus on eating healthy & and I am going to work out again too (I am really really become weak – so embarrassing! before I was in really good shape)

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Recipe: Creamed spinach

I just love a delicious & creamy spinach.. It is so good, and fits well with pork.

I sometimes make it at home, and when I do – I love it, when it is cooked in, to a creamy sauce.

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