April 2016

Recipe: Italian pizza with Serano & Ruccola

I just love pizza … Or more correctly …. I just looove Italian pizza. Italian pizzas are just the best pizzas ♄
If I am out buying fasfood, I only buy Italian pizza. I do that, because I think it’s more delicious, not as fatty as an ordinary pizza, and they are always using good and fresh products ♄

It can be very expensivem if you sometimes buy one or two pizzas in a month, and thats why I tried to make my own Italian pizza, with my favourite stuffing on top.

It is so delicious. I don’t have a pizzastone, but this pizza has a really crispy bottom anyway! The secret is to making the bottom very thin 🙂 Read More

Recipe: Chicken with broccoli in peanutbutter

I am a HUUUGE fan of Oscar Umahro cadogan. He makes the most amazing healthy food – that actually tastes good too 🙂
He is a very inspirering man and i have every cookbook he has made ♄ his book “Kitchen revolution on high heels” contains this fantastic recipe on chicken in peanutbutter, that is so tasty.

If you love peanutbutter – you should really taste this dish 🙂 Read More

Recipe: Makaronipudding

I am halv swedish and has lived a big part of my life in sweeden. In sweden they love to make makaronipudding – it’s a very normal dinner dish – like Mac’n’cheese in US 🙂 It is so good <3

Makaronipudding is a pastadish that you serve as a sidedish to your meat and vegetables (just like  ordinary pasta, rice or mashed potatoes)
it tastes very well, and it it children-friendly. Read More