Recipe: Delicious Sandwich buns

Well, I have started to make my own lunch and bring it to work, instead of eating in the canteen at work, as I want to eat healthier food. More greens & less meat! 🙂

I made these buns for my lunchbox, and they are really delicious ♥ They have a chewy crust, but are soft & juicy on the inside..

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Recipe: Delicious muesli buns

Last weekend I enjoyed myself baking delicious muesli buns. For a long time a have wanted to try them out, but I just haven’t had the enrgy for starting something new up, and ended up making the same old morning buns as always .. But now I finally made muesli buns.. and they are really good!

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Recipe: Homemade burger buns

I have made homemade burger buns, for my burgers, for a while now, and they tastes so good! 

They have been a big hit, with all of the people that have tasted my burgers. When you start making your own burger buns, now will never go back to the ones you buy at the supermarked.

First of all – It is healthier to make the buns yourself. The ones you buy at the supermaked are filled with i don’t know how many weird things, that shouldn’t be in your bread. Your own burger buns are only containing natural ingredients & only the ingredients that are needed. Read More