Recipe: Soft raspberry buns

In denmark, it was ‘fastelavn’ last weekend …
And, what is fastelavn?
Fastelavn is like ‘ Halloween’ (and yes, we are having halloween too in october). We are just dressed funny & cute instead of creepy. The children are going door to door – singing and getting candy (Again.. Just like halloween) & then we hang up an barrel, that we hit on with a bat (Just like a pinata).

There are candy in the barrel, that falls out, when the barrel breaks. And the one that knocks out the bottom of the barrel, get to call himself a cat-king. he or she gets a golden paper crown! (Yeah, I know it sounds weird).
People say, that in the ols days, there was a real cat inside the barrel (instead of candy!) How horrible is that? I don’t know if it is true – I really don’t hope so.

Well .. Enough with the history lessons 😉
At fastelavn, we eat these buns!
So now you can make your own danish ‘fastelavns’ buns 😉

I filled the buns with both remonce and raspberry jam.

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