Recipe: Pesto

1 bowl of vegetables, 1 bowl of rye crackers & 1 bowl of pesto .. wow, thats just the right afternoon snack for me 

Pesto is the besto. Right?

An ordinary & plain basil pesto are just delicious – and super easy to make.
It takes one second, and it’s done 🙂 Read More

Recipe: Delicious & healthy wok

I just love a delicious wok dish. It tastes so good, and it is so healthy.
There is nothing better than getting home from the gym, and then just throw lots of delicious vegetables in your head 😉 

I always add fresh pineapples to my wok dish. It just give it a balance, so that it tastes perfect.

Do not use canned pineapple – It does not taste good, and will not give the same balance. My opinion is, that if you can get fresh vegetables, then use fresh vegetables. Read More

Recipe: Bacon cheese burger, with fries

Are there anything better than a big delicious burger? almost .. not! 😉
At our house, we don’t go to Mc.Donalds .. What you are served there, has nothing to do with real food, and their burgers are just not real burgers (yeah .. I am so sorry to reveal that for you 😉 )

Instead of buying crap, you should make your own delicious fastfood at home, for yourself and/or your family.
It is so much more delicous, healthier & satiating. Read More

Recipe: Peppermint buttons

I love peppermint – Everything with peppermint! (After Eight, Fazermint etc.), and I just love peppermint buttons 

The first time I had these peppermint buttons, was when I was little and went to school. I tasted them at some arrangement at school – My teacher made them. Read More

Recipe: Nougar dreams – Christmassy nougat bites

I just love confections at christmas – and I love both marzipan & nougat!
Normaly I make a lot of marzipan/nougat confection at christmas, and this year I tried to spice the nougat up, and make nougat confetions 🙂

I made this delicious christmassy nougat with great spices & orange peel. They are really good 

Also try my delicious almond nougat.

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