December 2017

Recipe: Christmassy red cabbage

I just love red cabbage for my roasted pork & duck 🙂
It is sooo delicious & great for that fat christmas food.

I don’t want that premade supermarkets red cabbage on glass, and the homemade version is just 10 times better.
Yum! I have added a delicious apple, to get some sourness to it 🙂 Read More

Recipe: Nougar dreams – Christmassy nougat bites

I just love confections at christmas – and I love both marzipan & nougat!
Normaly I make a lot of marzipan/nougat confection at christmas, and this year I tried to spice the nougat up, and make nougat confetions 🙂

I made this delicious christmassy nougat with great spices & orange peel. They are really good 

Also try my delicious almond nougat.

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A Beauty Guide: Sparkle & Shine This Christmas Time

– Guest post


Christmas is just a few days away, and buying gifts is probably not the only thing on your mind. This is also the period when you will probably be invited to tons of parties and host a few of your own. Besides decorating the house and choosing the food and the presents, you need to think about how you will look. The summer has been harsh on your skin and hair, and winter is also unforgiving. I like to use this time before the holiday fuss to pamper myself and take care of my appearance so that I can truly sparkle and shine. So, if you are thinking the same, here is my beauty guide for Christmas time. Read More